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FAQ – Students

Requirements to participate as a research assistant

Are experiences abroad required?

We would appreciate experiences abroad – at best outside Europe or in the project country – but do not require them. 

Which language skills are required?

Very good skills of the respective project language are essential – for instance English in East African countries and the Philippines, Spanish in Mexico.

Do I have to be enrolled to participate as a research assistant?

Enrollment is not required.

The application process

Which language should I use for my application?

Please submit your application in either German or English.

What documents do I have to hand in?

Your application should include a short motivation letter, your CV, a current overview of your grades and further relevant certificates and documents.

Where can I send my application?

Please send your application in digital form to info@step-training.com. Please name the document as follows: STEP_Country_Name.

By when do I have to submit my application?

The application deadlines are provided on the STEP Website or on the job posting. If there are no application deadlines specified, please feel free to send an email to info@step-training.com.

Can I send my application if there are no fitting project postings?

If there are no fitting job postings, please feel free to submit an unsolicited application. You will be added to our STEP application pool and we will contact you as soon as possible regarding a suitable position. Nevertheless, please check regularly on our website if new positions are advertised.

How does the application process work?

The application process involves three stages. First your application will be assessed. Second, if you successfully pass the preselection stage, we will invite you to an initial telephone interview so that we can learn more about each other. In a third step, we will invite you for a second interview. Depending on the circumstances, the second interview will be personal, via Skype or via telephone.

The position as a research assistant

How long does the project take?

The research assistants should preferably be ten to twelve weeks on-site.

When will you announce the specific project duration?

Since we are working with various cooperation partners this varies from project to project.

Will there be a contract between STEP and the research assistant?

No, there won’t be a formal contract between STEP and the research assistant for legal reasons. The cooperation builds on mutual trust. At STEP, we have had nothing but good experience with this proceeding so far.

Do the research assistants draw a salary?

The research assistants draw no salary, but receive an expense allowance which varies depending on the country and project year. Usually, the expense allowance includes additional payment to flight and visa as well as a monthly fixed sum.

What is the weekly working time?

There is no fixed weekly working time. The working time depends on the arising tasks and remains from time to time at the discretion of the research assistant. The following rule applies: Results count more than time invested.

Do I receive a formal internship certificate?

Since the activity as a research assistant is not a formal internship, we will not issue a formal internship certificate. However, we do issue a certificate that confirms your participation in the STEP project and the tasks that you accomplished.

Who is in charge of the organization of my stay?

You will be responsible for the organization of your stay. This includes amongst others the outward and return trip, housing, visas, insurances and vaccinations. We will however try to support you in every regard.

How many research assistants are part of one team?

Usually, each project team consists of two research assistants.

When will I meet my team partner?

We will link the research assistants as soon as possible. In this way, we hope you can become familiar with each other in advance and, if wanted, organize your stay together.

Will the research assistants have an own office on-site?

This depends on the project site. In some cases, the research assistants have their own office at the university. In other cases, there is no extra office. Then, solutions are sought in joint effort.

What does mentoring during the project look like?

The mentoring varies from project to project and depends on the respective tasks, the project phase and further aspects. However, each team has their own mentor and contact person, who will be specifically assigned to their project.


Can I write my final thesis during the project?

Yes, you can. Please klick here to get further information.

What will be my tasks during the project?

Please click here to find more about the various tasks during the project.

  • I’m interested in supporting or implementing STEP. Where can I get further information about the STEP project?
  • I’m interested in supporting or implementing STEP. Where can I get further information about the STEP project?


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