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What is STEP?

What makes STEP unique?

What is STEP's impact?

  • STEP is an entrepreneurship training that has been designed for students from universities, vocational training institutes, and secondary schools.
  • STEP fits the local context because it is the product of a cooperation with several partner universities in Africa.
  • STEP boosts the start-up rate by 33% and increases the level of income by 10%.
  • STEP provides partner institutions with comprehensive know-how about organizing and conducting the training to support the institutionalization of STEP in the long-term.
  • STEP is action-oriented. During the training, the students start their own businesses and gain real-world entrepreneurial experience.
  • More than 10.000 students in various countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America have participated in STEP since the first training in 2009.

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Frequently asked questions

  • I am interested in supporting or implementing STEP. Where can I get further information about the STEP project?

  • Please send an email to

Become part of the team

If you are interested in becoming part of the STEP team, we are regularly looking for research assistants to support our evaluations in South Africa.

We are looking forward to your application!

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Out of 54 submissions across 24 different countries and 46 institutions, we are delighted to announce that our STEP Training has earned the esteemed second place in the GBSN-EFMD Going BEYOND Awards

2nd Place Going Beyond Awards

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